Editorial: Our Choices in Oakland County
October 24, 2016

"In the competitive Circuit Court race, we back Lorie Savin over Victoria Valentine. Savin has served for 13 years as a referee in the Oakland Circuit Court’s Family Division. She seems well prepared to step into the open judicial seat."

Paid for by Lorie Savin for Circuit Judge Committee - 6725 Daly Rd #252373 - West Bloomfield, MI 48325

Experience, Reputation, Passion -- Lorie Savin for Oakland County Circuit Judge on November 8, 2016

"Savin, 46, of West Bloomfield has spent more than 13 years as a referee in the family court division she seeks to join. She regularly conducts hearings involving the same issues that come before family court judges, and enjoys a reputation as a fair and hardworking mediator in difficult custody cases. A native of Southfield, she spent her early career representing indigent clients in Missouri and Kansas.

Her specialized experience makes LORIE SAVIN the superior choice for this circuit court seat,"